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Accelerate Growth and Impact

Updated: Apr 2

Sprinters accelerating out of the blocks

Climate change and the deteriorating environment require action – and fast. Growing small and mid-sized companies are an important part of the solution, since they are generally more innovative and move more quickly than their larger brethren. The opportunity and the challenge for these companies and their leaders is to scale up quickly in a way that does not put the business at unnecessary risk. I therefore introduce a series of blogs that will help growing companies accelerate their growth and impact. The insights will come from my experience in leading CEO peer groups, research on each topic, and interviews with functional area experts. The insights in these blogs apply to all growing small and mid-sized companies. The series aims to help growth companies with limited resources and an incomplete leadership team. Their leaders are frequently torn between strategic decisions and day-to-day responsibilities, and need to move quickly yet confidently. Start-ups and mid-sized companies will also benefit from the information. Blog topics may include, but not be limited to:

  • Accelerate Impact

  • Accelerate Productivity

  • Accelerate Profitability

  • Accelerate Innovation

  • Accelerate Decision making

  • Accelerate Building Company Culture

  • Accelerate Learning from Failure

  • Accelerate Feedback from Stakeholders

  • Accelerate Leadership Development

  • Accelerate Hiring

  • Accelerate On-boarding New Hires

  • Accelerate Obtaining Financing


I cannot pretend to be an expert on all of these topics. I seek to make the blogs a collaborative effort, where we can learn together. Here’s how you can help:

  • Volunteer to be interviewed. For each of the blogs, I seek to interview at least one functional area expert who will be credited for their input. Ideally, the expert will already have experience in a fast growing small or medium sized business.

  • Introduce me to an expert in your organization, trade association, or other source.

  • Email me your comments at

    • Share your insights on the topic.

    • Recommend additional reading materials or experts.

  • Share the blog with others who might be interested in the topic, particularly clean tech leaders.

I will update the blogs based on input that I receive.

Thank you for your help.

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