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2024 ​CleanTech Open Accelerator

Cleantech Open is the world’s largest cleantech accelerator, providing entrepreneurs and innovators the training and resources they need to launch and grow successful cleantech businesses. CTO is currently recruiting companies and mentors to participate in the 2024 accelerator.


The 2024 accelerator is back to a combination of in-person and virtual sessions. The accelerator kicks off with the National Academy in Los Angeles on May 31st to June 2nd, and ends with the Global Forum in San Jose, CA, on October 28-31. All sessions in between are virtual.

Applications for the accelerator are being accepted through Sunday, April 14th.

  • To download a one-pager about the accelerator, click here.

  • To find out more and to apply, go to the CleanTech Open webpage for participants.

If you are interested in mentoring, go to the CleanTech Open webpage for mentoring.

Cleantech Open is holding a series of kickoff webinars through mid-April to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn more about the accelerator program and ask questions about the application process. You can find the dates and sign up for any upcoming webinar on the CleanTech Open webpage for participants.

Zbig Skiba is the Ambassador for CleanTech Open in the Chicago area.

  • Contact Zbig with any questions before proceeding.

  • Contact Zbig if you'd be interested in a presentation on the CTO accelerator to your organization.


Contact Zbig at

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