We help technical professionals develop key soft skills for success in team and leadership roles

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Make the right hires. Prepare employees to succeed. Help your team thrive.

We work with IT professionals to develop key soft skills for success in team and leadership roles. Pairing a state-of-the-art job matching and behavioral assessment process with over 25 years of experience in IT, management, and coaching, we deliver focused, actionable results.  Whether you’re hiring, preparing an employee for a new role, or looking to strengthen your team, Skiba Associates can help. 

Job Benchmarking

Define the soft skills required for superior performance by focusing on the role, not only the person in it. Through assessment and planning with subject matter experts, we let the job talk.

Job Matching

Choose the right candidate with confidence. Job matching assesses the soft skills necessary for success and helps determine who among candidates is the best fit. It can also determine what training your candidate may need.


Focus on talent development by helping your team build soft skills. Our hands-on process combines assessments with action-oriented coaching. Coaching can be separate from or included in our job benchmarking process.

See Results

When you benchmark, match, and coach, you build a culture that works. Each employee is in the right seat on the bus, performing at a high level, and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

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