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Transforming struggle into opportunity

Strengthen soft skills to drive profit, productivity, and performance

We work with professionals, managers and leaders to help them develop key soft skills and capabilities to succeed in leadership or client-facing positions. Working with us boosts performance and improves hiring decisions.

Build key soft skills
While every job requires a blend of technical and soft skills, certain individuals and roles benefit from focused support. Many professionals in IT, engineering, science, accounting and other technical careers struggle with key soft skills: communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, change, urgency, priority management, and more.

Focused, actionable results
Whether you’re hiring, preparing an employee for a new role, or looking to strengthen your team, Skiba Associates can help. Pairing a state-of-the-art job matching and behavioral assessment process with 25 years of experience in IT, management, and coaching, we deliver focused, actionable results.


Job Benchmarking
Define the soft skills required for superior performance by focusing on the role, not only the person in it. Through assessment and planning with your subject matter experts, we let the job talk so you can:

    - Attract the best candidates

    - Save time and money by hiring or promoting the right person the first time

    - Reduce the learning curve and boost employee performance
Job Matching
Choose the right candidate with confidence. Job matching assesses the candidate's soft skills and compares them to the needs of the job.  This helps you to:

    - Use data to narrow your candidates

    - Dig deeper in interviews

    - Reduce the leap of faith in hiring

    - Support your new hire in training
Focus on talent development by helping your team build soft skills. You’ll see results in both your culture and bottom line. Our hands-on process combines assessments and coaching to:

    - Identify gaps in soft skills

    - Set goals and expectations with individuals and managers

    - Support progress with two 50-minute calls/month

    - Tackle urgent challenges with unlimited phone support

Coaching can be separate from or part of our job benchmarking and matching process.

See results
When you benchmark, match, and coach, you build a culture that works. Each employee is in the right seat on the bus, performing at a high level, and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

About Skiba Associates
Skiba Associates helps clients improve hiring and performance to fuel success. Our driving purpose is to help professionals, especially those with strong technical skills, develop the soft skills to flourish in their business and personal lives. We combine TTI Success Insights’ highly effective job matching and behavioral assessments with over 25 years of experience for an action-oriented process.

Take the first step in building your dream team
Learn more about our services, or take a complimentary Soft Skills Assessment to get started. Then reach out to talk about how we can help your team to flourish.