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Why Skiba Associates?

Our passion is to help the growth and impact of companies that are good citizens -- taking care of their employees, clients, vendors, and the planet while making a profit. These successful firms may identify opportunities for additional growth or profitability, but struggle with taking advantage. Or they are growing so fast that they feel like they’re spinning out of control. The problem may be a lack of in-house expertise, or difficulties with hiring critical team members. Zbig can be the flexible solution that prepares firms for near-term and future growth.

Zbig Skiba has a unique combination of strategic and technical skills in business planning, entrepreneurship, team alignment, process improvement, technology, and project management.  Zbig understands and can provide insights into a wide variety of situations. He has worked with diverse organizations including large corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions. Zbig is available on a part-time, contract or project basis.

Learn how Skiba Associates helped an anti-freeze recycler triple in size and sell for owner's dream price.

Meet Zbig Skiba

Zbig Skiba with light background

Zbig is passionate about the role of business in addressing the climate and environmental emergencies. His interest in the environment began as a teenager, when he attended a heavily forested scout camp in Wisconsin. It presented quite a contrast to urban Chicago!

Zbig has a unique combination of strategic and technical skills in entrepreneurship, team alignment, and process improvement.  Zbig has worked with diverse organizations including large corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, and non-profit institutions. He is available on a contract or project basis.


Business analysis & planning: Developed expansion plan for recycling business and supported them in successfully implementing the plan. Company was sold for owner’s dream price.

Team development: Utilized behavioral assessments and tools to enhance the communication, cooperation, and collaboration of CEO peer group members.

Process improvement: Reengineered delivery & sales routing process to cut assignment time by 50%, target higher value prospects, and allow CEO to sleep an extra 2 hours each morning.


  • Kellogg MBA in entrepreneurship & management policy

  • UIC BS in Industrial Engineering

  • Business Model Canvas (lean start-up) advisor

  • Certified facilitator and business coach

  • Certified in strategic planning

  • Certified in TTI DISC, Motivations & Emotional Intelligence behavioral assessments

  • Comfortable with variety of software tools



  • CleanTech Open Accelerator – Chicago Ambassador, Mentor

  • Conscious Capitalism Chicago

  • Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club

Scale Up Under Control
For Better Business and a Brighter Future

Prepare yourself, your team, and your organization for sustainable growth.

Focus on what is most important – not just now but for the future.

Develop a team that enjoys meeting challenges together.

Prepare for Growth

SWOT Analysis

Determine where to focus your time and money to prepare for current and future growth. Plan and implement initiatives that pay off in the short and medium terms.

Team Alignment

Dog team pulling sled

Establish a shared understanding of what your company stands for, and what it is trying to achieve.

Enhance the ability of your team members to understand each other and collaborate.

Personal Coaching

Image by krakenimages

Learn more about your leadership style and growth potential through personalized and confidential coaching. Discuss challenges that you can't bring up to your team or family.

Develop your management team.

Process Improvement

Process map example

Improve internal processes that are costing you time and money. A necessary first step before implementing new technology -- sometimes making it unnecessary.


“As a business coach and facilitator, Zbig brings an immensely broad range of perspectives— tapping into deep resources to make me, as a business owner, think about challenges differently.”

Dan Masterson, President and CEO

Guardian Angel Enterprises (Innovation)

“Zbig has always impressed me with his disciplined and holistic approach to business problems. The methods he uses cause people to think broadly about the situation, deeply about the underlying drivers, creatively about alternate solutions, and holistically about what may be required.”
Brian McKibben, VP Management Consulting

The Cumberland Group (Consulting)

“Zbig led us through our first sustainability process. The planning process pulled together the aspects of doing the right thing, saving money, and finding new marketing opportunities.”

Gary Gunderson, President

Recycle Technologies (Manufacturing)


“Zbig helped to point out roadblocks to growth which were not immediately obvious to us, for example an overreliance on the top management of the company. We now have a plan to grow the leadership skills of other company employees.”
Lisa Dombrowski, President

Logica3 (Corporate Communications)

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I work with growing companies that strive to be good citizens. -- taking care of their employees, clients, vendors, and the planet while making a profit.


We help them to scale up under control -- for better business and a brighter future.

Zbig Skiba

Evanston, Illinois

(224) 350-2819

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