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Case Study Of Recycle Technologies, Inc.
Accelerate Growth & Impact under Control

This case study demonstrates how Zbig Skiba helped Recycle Technologies increase revenues by 200% and allowed the owner to exit for his dream price.

About Recycle Technologies

Gary founded Recycle Technologies, Inc. (RTI) of Wood Dale, Illinois and grew it to be Illinois’ largest and most experienced recycled antifreeze provider. RTI installed a distillation process to upgrade the quality of RTI’s recycled antifreeze, recycle a greater variety of antifreeze waste streams, and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin antifreeze. RTI products were certified by major auto and truck manufacturers, and sold to commercial, government and retail clients.

Business and Personal Challenges at RTI

Recycle Technologies was a profitable company and the leader in antifreeze recycling in Illinois.  However, the success of the company was largely dependent on the hard work of Gary, its owner.  Gary was indispensable; he oversaw plant operations, driver scheduling, marketing, and major sales.  He was in the office at 4:30 AM each day and didn’t leave until after 3 PM.  He frequently worked on weekends and holidays.  The money was good, but the lifestyle was not.

Gary wanted to continue growing the business and to sell it in a few years. He was unsure whether to expand geographically or into new products.  He realized that the business’ reliance on him would make the business harder to sell and he sought to transition into a leadership role.  He also wanted to run the business more strategically, rather than trusting his gut.

Zbig Skiba Integral to Resolving Challenges and Exploiting Opportunities

  • Strategic planning and quarterly reviews placed the company on a steady path.

  • Financial modeling and reviews improved forecasting and timing of major investments.

  • Business process improvement of the sales function decreased scheduling time by 50% and increased sales. It also allowed Gary to hire a scheduler and thereby sleep 2 extra hours each day.

  • Proposed rebranding RTI as a “green” business after research showed 80% GHG benefit compared to virgin a/f.

  • Sustainability assessment decreased water usage by 50% and increased throughput.

  • Expansion plan prioritized immediate growth opportunities and led RTI to invest strategically.

  • Supported hiring of key staff that took over Gary’s day-to-day activities.

  • Gary joined a business peer group run by Skiba, where he received advice on strategic issues.

Results: RTI Tripled in Size and Sold for Dream Price

  • Business tripled in size within 8 years.

  • Business expanded into a 2nd distribution facility, with plans for building a 2nd processing plant.

  • Staff grew in line with growing business and minimized its dependence on any one individual.

  • The owner worked less and made more money.

  • Expansion plan showed prospective buyers a clear path towards continued growth.

  • Recycle Technologies, Inc. was sold for Gary’s dream price.

Contact Zbig Skiba to accelerate growth and impact under control • 224-350-2819

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