Why Benchmark, Match and Coach?

Build your dream team

Benchmarking, matching, and coaching lay the foundation for a high-performance, high-engagement culture. By matching people with the right jobs, you create opportunities for your team to perform better. Work is more meaningful, creating true job satisfaction.

You’ll also see higher productivity. Your team members will be more satisfied with their jobs and stay with you longer. As a result, they contribute industry experience, deep knowledge, and personal relationships to your business success.

Bridge the soft skills gap

Every job requires a blend of technical and soft skills. In our fast-paced, innovative, flexible economy, soft skills are increasingly crucial to profit, productivity, and a high-performance culture.

Yet, many professionals in the IT industry—as well as other technical fields—struggle with key soft skills. Those can include communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, change, and priority management. Ensure that your team has the perspective and resources to develop these and other crucial capabilities.

A proven process

At the heart of Skiba Associates’ approach is TTI Success Insights’ state-of-the-art job benchmarking and matching process. A worldwide leader in personal and professional assessment tools, TTI has developed this process over 30 years of research while working with more than 100,000 companies. We pair this deeply researched and highly effective process with over 25 years of experience in IT, management, and coaching. The result is a focused and actionable approach that helps clients boost performance and make better hiring decisions.

The investment you make in your team can yield swift results. The expected payback period is less than six months, including the initial job benchmarking.

Take the first step in building your dream team

Learn more about our services, or take a complimentary DISC Behavioral Assessment to get started. Then reach out to talk about how we can help your team flourish.

We help technical professionals develop key soft skills for success in team and leadership roles

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