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Enhance Team Performance by Understanding Different Styles
A Presentation/ Workshop for Vistage Peer Groups

Why the Workshop is Unique:

  • Presenter was a business peer group facilitator for 12 years -- he understands what it takes to create value for Vistage members, peer group, and Chair
  • Members learn to better understand themselves, and to improve how they motivate & lead their teams
  • Vistage group members can customize how each member receives feedback -- in a manner most appropriate for them to accept and take action
  • Chair gains knowledge and tools that enhance facilitation and coaching, and thereby improve member retention

Member Value:

  • Understand yourself better, and how to approach others to get the results you seek
  • Insights on how a diversity of behaviors and motivators can strengthen a team – or create dysfunction and staff turnover
  • Receive input from other Vistage members in a manner that best fits your motivators and behavioral profile

Workshop Description:
Participants will complete a 20 minute questionnaire before the workshop, and will receive a report (see sample) that describes their behavioral tendencies and motivators.  Information from the individual reports will be summarized in a team report (see sample) and used throughout the workshop.

The workshop is highly interactive, with a great deal of engagement among the peer group members.  Exercises include:

  • Communication Do’s and Don’ts with others who have a different style
  • Define the behavioral traits needed by the team/group
  • Determine whether the needed traits are adequately represented on the team
  • Discuss how to interact with others who have different styles
  • Discuss how different motivators can be applied within a job

Length:  The workshop can be adjusted to fill time slots of varying lengths: 3, 2, or 1 hour.

Topic Categories:  Team Building & Conflict Resolution / Self Knowledge / Mentoring & Coaching

Audience:  Appropriate for all audiences.  Willing to travel.

About the Presenter:
Zbig Skiba is the President and Founder of Skiba Associates.  We focus on enhancing how teams work together, from hiring to team alignment to soft skills support.  Zbig brings over 25 years in leadership, facilitation and coaching as well as a breadth of industry knowledge to his work.  Zbig has an MBA from Kellogg and a degree in engineering, and is a certified facilitator and coach.  He is certified in the use of behavioral assessments provided by TTI Success Insights.  Zbig is an approved Vistage speaker and enjoys the interaction.

Download one-pager summarizing the Vistage workshop - click here.

Contact Zbig at or (847)404-0108.