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Zbig has always impressed me with his disciplined and holistic approaches to business problems. The methods he uses cause people to think broadly about the situation, deeply about the underlying drivers, creatively about alternate solutions, and holistically about what may be required.”
Brian McKibben, VP Management Consulting, The Cumberland Group (Consulting)


"Zbig helped to point out roadblocks to growth which were not immediately obvious to us, for example an over-reliance on the top management of the company.  We now have a plan to grow the leadership skills of other company employees."
Lisa Dombrowski, President, Logica3 (Corporate Communications)

“[Zbig] is able to rapidly diagnose a situation, investigate options, and make sound decisions. His efforts made a significant contribution to the financial and operational management of our company. I believe Zbig has the solid business experience and leadership skills needed to be successful in a wide variety of client circumstances.”
Walt Wagner, CFO & CIO, Ameritech New Media (Cable TV Services)

“Zbig’s expertise in how to generate a concise yet detailed plan, best practices towards execution of this plan, and eagle eye for what pieces might be missing and could be revised, has been invaluable.
Joey Feinstein, President, ClimateCycle (Not for Profit)

"Beyond his resourcefulness and breadth of knowledge, Zbig brings to this role a personable approach that instills urgency when needed without being aggressive and a personal integrity and caring that instills an air of trust."                  

Dan Masterson, President and CEO at Guardian Angel Enterprises (Innovation)

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