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 Team Building

Working in teams requires strong interpersonal skills, which don't always come naturally for technical professionals.  By engaging in team building for a project or management team, you will:

  • Align team behaviors with key areas of accountability
  • Develop interpersonal communications
  • Increase team cohesiveness and effectiveness
  • Enhance project success – better quality, lower costs, quicker delivery
  • Improve employee retention and decrease hiring costs

Our approach to team building combines a workshop and an online questionnaire.

  • Identify each team member’s behavioral tendencies with a TTI DISC Behavioral Report
  • Compare the styles of team members on the Team Report
  • Engage in a ½ day Team Building Workshop
  • Identify additional support needed for the team leader or its members

Sample reports

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When you focus on team building, you improve team and project results in all dimensions – creativity, value created, effectiveness, costs, and time. Your team performs at a high level and is prepared to face challenges together.

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