We help technical professionals develop key soft skills for success in team and leadership roles

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Create a high-performance culture, eliminate the leap of faith in hiring, or prepare an employee for a new leadership challenge.

Because leadership and management differ from technical roles, many IT professionals struggle with the soft skills and capabilities they require. When you eliminate these struggles, your team and culture benefit. You see the results in both performance and profit. 

By Benchmarking, Matching, Team Building, and Coaching, Skiba Associates can help you:

  • Identify the best internal or external candidates for an open position
  • Prepare existing employees for promotions and new opportunities
  • Strengthen team cohesiveness and effectiveness
  • Resolve existing skill gaps through clear, actionable coaching and training

Our services include:

  • Job Benchmarking - By defining what the job requires, what superior performance is, and who is a strategic match, you’ll attract the best candidates.  This will save time and money by hiring or promoting the right person the first time, reduce the learning curve and boost employee performance.
  • Job Matching - Select the best internal or external candidates for a position.  Use data to narrow your field of candidates, dig deeper in the interview process, and reduce the leap of faith in hiring.
  • Team Building- Develop a stronger team and more engaged culture by helping your team build soft skills. Our hands-on employee development combines assessments with action-oriented coaching.
  • Coaching - Focus on talent development by helping your team build soft skills. When your employees flourish, you’ll see the results in both your culture and your bottom line.

Learn more about our approach to Job Benchmarking—and how it can benefit your business.

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When you Benchmark, Match, Team Build, and Coach, you build a culture that works. The end result is employees in all the right seats on the bus. They are performing at a high level, working as a team, and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

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