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Presentations and Webinars

Skiba Associates’ presentations and webinars engage and educate on what is required for team success, including individual soft skills. Learn how to identify and apply some skills immediately.


5 Factors that Enhance Employee Engagement – Especially during the Covid Economy
According to a July, 2020 Gallup research poll, only 40% of employees in the U.S. are actively engaged in their jobs. With social distancing and other current challenges, it’s even harder to stay fully engaged. We will present the 5 key factors for employee engagement, and discuss solutions for each.  The webinar offers a framework for increasing engagement -- your own, your team, and your organization.

Hacking Teamwork: Five Critical Steps to Building High Performing Teams

Organizations rely heavily on teams to get work done.  Nevertheless, only 16% of survey respondents rate their teams as excellent.  Attendees of this session will learn: (a) the 5 key attributes of high performing teams, (b) which key skills are typically under-developed, (c) the differences between teams of the past, present and future.  This presentation is based on research with over 500 respondents.  Attendees will receive a copy of the 35-page report “The State of Employee Teams in 2018.”

Build a More Productive Team through Understanding Each Other
Managing and participating in teams requires strong interpersonal and soft skills.  This doesn’t always come naturally –   particularly for technical professionals.  Attendees of this session learn: (a) How behavioral tendencies affect your work style and interactions with others (b) How to determine the behavioral styles of others and communicate with them appropriately (c) Key behavioral adaptations required to move from professional roles into leadership.  This is a highly interactive 90-120 minute workshop, and provides learning that can immediately be put into practice.  A complimentary DISC behavioral profile is included.

Improve Communication and Teamwork by Understanding Behavioral Styles
This 20- to 30-minute session reviews the DISC behavioral styles and how they affect interpersonal relations. As a result, attendees will be able to quickly identify others’ behavioral styles. That knowledge helps them to improve communication with colleagues and clients, and to work more productively in teams. Includes time for Q&A. A complimentary DISC behavioral profile is included.

Identify and Improve Soft Skills Needed for New Career Roles

This 30- to 50-minute session explores how soft skills requirements change as an individual moves from being an individual contributor into management and then into executive leadership roles. Attendees will gain a sense of which soft skills they need to work on and learn some strategies for improving.  That knowledge helps them to perform more effectively in their current role and prepare for their next position.  Includes time for Q&A. View webinar

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