Rewarding CEOs for Corporate Social Responsibility Pays Off for Society - and for Firms "... CSR contracting led a firm’s value to increase by three percent over the next year.  According to the researchers, this growth happens because CSR contracting forces executives to sacrifice short-term payoffs for long-term gains."  (Kellogg Insight, 6 minutes)

The Secret to Creating Future-Ready Leaders.  No one can predict the future. To build tomorrow's leaders, teach your team to get comfortable with change. These 5 tips will get you started. (Inc, 4 minutes)

Don’t Wait to Be Asked: Lead.  A road map for increasing your influence at work.  (Kellogg Insight, 5 minutes)

Only 1 in 10 People Has the Right Skills to Manage.  Here Are 5 Things That Person Does to Succeed (the Other 9 Rarely Will) Research by Gallup has determined that managers with these skills frequently realize 48 percent greater profitability and 22 percent greater productivity. (Inc, 5 minutes)

5 Cringeworthy Mistakes Managers Often Make, According to Their Employees. Where do your managers stand in response to these survey results? (Inc, 3 minutes)

How to win over employees on taking leadership roles (SmartBrief, 5 minutes)

Why did LeBron and Kyrie fizzle? They Didn't Follow the Rules of the 1-2 Punch. Good article on co-existing as leaders of an organization.  Applicable in business circumstances as much as sports.  One lesson: Treat others with respect at all times.  Calling your #2 guy a "kid" does not follow that rule.  (Bleacher Report, 11 minutes)

5 Tips to Become an Authentic Leader  "Becoming a leader does not require adopting a new persona; it means amplifying your true self with focus and discipline. The key is to be authentic -- to draw from one's own experiences, values, and strengths."  (Kellogg Insight, 6 minutes)

AI will change the way you lead. Are you ready? "Now, more than ever, team members need to develop their technical AND their interpersonal skills. Are you developing people to their fullest HUMAN potential?"  (SmartBrief, 3 minutes)

How to Lead in the Age of Isolation "The biggest challenge facing business leaders today isn’t politics, climate change, cybersecurity, or even disruption—it’s leading in an age of increased isolation, loneliness, and decentralization."  "Here are five tips for leaders to create a stronger culture and increase employee engagement:" (Fortune, 3 minutes)

Recommended Books

5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Potential  "To become more than a boss people are required to follow, you must master the ability to inspire and build a team that produces not only results, but also future leaders."  (John Maxwell, 275 pages)

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