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Free DISC Behavioral Assessment

Improve your performance—or advance into a new role
Awareness is the first step towards advancement. Whatever your professional goals, we can help. Find out which of your soft skills are strongest, as well as where you can improve.

How it works
The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes.  You will answer questions about your typical behaviors at work. Immediately after completion, you will receive a customized report. The report contains insights on your behavioral tendencies and identifies opportunities for growth. If you wish, we can then schedule a 30-minute call to answer your questions and discuss next steps.

Assessment partner
The assessments we use were developed by our partner, TTI Success Insights. A premier provider of DISC-based behavioral assessments, TTI has worked with more than 100,000 companies over 30 years. At Skiba Associates, we pair TTI’s proven assessments with 25 years of experience in IT, management, and coaching to deliver focused, actionable results.

Sample report

Sample of DISC Behavioral Report that you will receive immediately after completing the questionnaire.