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Job Benchmarking

By defining what the job requires and what superior performance is, you’ll:

  • Attract the best candidates for the job
  • Save time and money by hiring or promoting the right person the first time
  • Reduce the learning curve and boost employee performance

Our approach to job benchmarking combines facilitation and online questionnaires. To capture what it takes to do a job right, we:

  • Identify key job accountabilities via a two-hour session with your subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Ask each SME to complete a 45-minute online Job Assessment
  • Prepare a Multi-Respondent Report and analyze results
  • Meet again with your SMEs to review results and recommendations

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When you benchmark, match, and coach, you build a culture that works. The end result is employees in all the right seats on the bus. They are performing at a high level, working as a team, and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

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