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Job Benchmarking

Define the soft skills required for superior performance by focusing on the role, not only the person in it. Through assessment and planning with subject matter experts, we let the job talk.

When you benchmark, you’ll:

  • Attract the best candidates for the job
  • Save time and money by hiring or promoting the right person the first time
  • Reduce the learning curve and boost employee performance

Our approach to job benchmarking combines facilitation and online questionnaires. To capture what it takes to do a job right, we:

  • Identify key job accountabilities via a half-day session with your subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Ask each SME to complete a 45-minute online Job Assessment
  • Prepare a Multi-Respondent Report and analyze results
  • Meet again with your SMEs to review results and recommendations

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Hire, align, and support

Job benchmarking is just one area of support Skiba Associates offers. We also offer assessments and coaching to help you make the right hires, place them on the right teams, and develop their soft skills.

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