"Value 1: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools."

- Agile Manifesto

Teams that work together well get more done

Agile requires a servant leadership style from scrum masters/leaders, rather than the directive style favored by most project managers.  It also requires team members to collaborate and communicate on a regular basis.  Agile rewards behaviors that are substantially different than in a typical waterfall development environment, and may therefore not be a good fit for everyone.

Skiba Associates can help you to select the right people for Agile leadership roles, align teams so they work well together, and support them through soft skills coaching.

Identify people who are the best fit for Agile leadership roles

Define the skills required for superior performance and choose the right candidates with confidence.

Align team members

Create a team environment that prepares members to excel.

Coach them to succeed

  • Individual DISC and 12 Driving Forces assessments  (See sample)
  • Skills gap report (See sample)
  • Training for Agile Coaches, Leaders and HR Professionals in using the above reports for coaching

Proven process

Our focused, actionable process pairs state-of-the-art assessment tools with over 25 years of experience in information technology, leadership, facilitation and coaching. Our engagements can be flexible or highly structured; addressing selection, team alignment, and/or coaching.

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Teams that work together prepare to meet tomorrow’s challenges and then perform at a high level. Learn more about our services and reach out to talk about how we can help.

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Teams that Work Together to Get Things Done

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