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Watch this 2 minute video about the Value Builder Score:

Are You Running a Valuable Business?
Many business owners focus on building a profitable company, rather than a valuable company.  They eventually try to sell or hand off the company to a successor, and are surprised to find out that it is worth less than they thought.

Complete the 13 minute Value Builder questionnaire to find out how you compare with other business owners in your industry.  You will receive a total score on a scale of 0 to 100, and on each of the eight key drivers of business value.  You will also gain insights on how to improve business value, increase profits, and enhance the owner's quality of life.

The Science Behind the Score

The Value Builder Score algorithm was developed using a quantitative survey of 7,000 business owners and is continually refined.  Achieve a Value Builder Score of 80+ and your company will be worth 71% more than the average business.  Score less than 50 and your only options may be to self-finance a sale to insiders, or to transition a challenging business to your family members.

It takes time to increase the value of your business, so start now by getting your free Value Builder Score.