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Mid-sized firms frequently do no have the right people to analyze, plan and implement emerging opportunities.

Skiba Associates can help fill the gap. Our expertise includes the following:


Business Modeling - Understand how an opportunity fits within your existing organization

SWOT Analysis - Recognize Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Competitive Analysis - Understand the competitive landscape

Financial Modeling - Assess the financial impact of various strategic decisions

80/20 Analysis - Determine which parts of your business provide the greatest return and growth opportunities
Value Assessment - Identify significant opportunities for increasing value of privately owned company

Data Analysis - Using MS Access and MS Excel


Brainstorming Retreat  - Generate ideas or reach consensus on new directions

Business Plan - A comprehensive plan for a selected opportunity

Lean Start Up - Test various options quickly and evolve towards the best business model

Strategic Plan - Get to the next level by improving team alignment, discipline and accountability

Communication - Prepare and perform presentations with executives, management, and staff


Project Management- Particularly on projects that cross functional areas or departments

Process Improvement- When the existing process takes too long, is too expensive, or will incorporate new technology

DISC & Motivators profiles to improve employee and team performance