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Many business owners focus on increasing profits, assuming that business value will increase accordingly. They don’t understand that non-financial issues can seriously impact the value of their business, limit profits, and compromise their personal quality of life.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why focusing on profit is not enough
  • The 8 key drivers for building a valuable business
  • Where to focus in order to increase the value of your company
  • How value, profit, and quality-of-life can increase simultaneously
  • How to build a business that is ready for transition – when the owner is ready


The presentation is based on the research of John Warrillow, who wrote the best-selling books Built to Sell and The Automatic Customer.  The author identified 8 key drivers for increasing business value, based on surveys of over 7,000 business owners.  The result is the Value Builder Process, a comprehensive methodology for increasing business value.

  • The Presentation lasts approximately 20 minutes
  • An optional Question and Answers session may last another 5 to 20 minutes
  • Registrants will have the opportunity to receive their complimentary Value Builder Score, and learn how they compare to industry peers

About the Presenter:

Zbig Skiba has been a business coach, peer group facilitator and management consultant for over 20 years.  He has worked with over 40 clients to enhance the value of their companies and their profits.  One of his clients grew his business by 200% in 8 years, and sold it recently for his dream price.  Zbig has an MBA from Kellogg focused on entrepreneurship, and a degree in industrial engineering.

Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Business:

8 Key Drivers that Build Value – and Profits

A Presentation for Business Owners and Leaders