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360 Degree Opportunity Assessment

Purpose: Determine whether a new product or service is a good fit for the Company or Organization, and define how to move forward with the Opportunity.

Benefit: Determine Organization fit before spending a lot of time and money on more in-depth analysis, planning and testing.


  • Assess Opportunity expectations, business model, competitive situation
  • Compare to existing capabilities within the organization
  • Facilitate brainstorming retreat to review Opportunity and fit for the Company
  • Determine whether to go forward, and decide on next steps
  • All work except retreat can be done remotely using online tools and communications
  • Completed within 2-4 weeks of project initiation


  • Decide whether to proceed with the Opportunity
  • Identify gaps in knowledge about the Opportunity and its implementation
  • Identify assumptions that need to be tested
  • Define road map to move forward
  • Expected ROI of at least 10x the cost of the project