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Innovate Talent Management with Job Benchmarking (438 KB PDF) Flyer on how TTI™ Job Benchmarking is unique in that it benchmarks the specific Job, not the person in the Job.  2 pages

Job Matching: The Key to Performance (1.9 MB PDF) A comprehensive description of the benefits of Job Benchmarking and Job Matching, the expected Return on Investment, and the process.  21 pages

Job/Employee Gap Report(247 KB PDF) A sample report showing the competencies, behaviors and motivators needed for a job.  The report also shows the gap between job needs and employee capabilities.  The report can then be used to determine immediate fit for the job, or areas for employee growth and improvement.  14 pages


Project Manager roles are frequently filled by promoting analysts and programmers from within the IT organization, or by hiring from outside. The Project Manager role requires skills and behaviors different from technical jobs.  The mismatch in competencies may result in unsatisfactory job performance, late and over-budget projects, and unhappy clients.

Since technical and management jobs are so different, the trick is figuring out who is best suited to be a Project Manager and preparing them for the role.  Companies sometimes use the shortcut of requiring a business degree, but a degree does not provide project management skills.  Companies may also offer training opportunities, but these will have limited impact without identifying specific gaps between an employee's talents and the job's requirements. 

Job Benchmarking and Job Matching can be the solution.  We utilize a proprietary and patented Job Benchmarking and Job Matching process developed by TTI™.  The process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the person in the job.  To do this, we let the job talk through an interactive process with your subject matter experts, and a job assessment. Zbig Skiba is well positioned to deliver the benchmarking process, with over 20 years of IT industry experience in a variety of roles.  The end result is employees who are in the right seat on the bus, performing at a high level, and preparing themselves for future responsibilities.

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