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Ask 6 Questions to Screen Business Opportunities  (119 KB PDF) Answering these 6 questions will help to quickly screen out growth opportunities that are unlikely to succeed at your organization.  Spoiler alert: Most of the questions presume that an organization has already put the pieces in place to act strategically.

Keys to Successfully Navigating Business Transitions (42 KB PDF)  Based on interviews with over 20 leaders of privately held mid-sized companies that had undergone major transitions.  The goal was to determine the commonalities in addressing a variety of situations.

4 Steps to Aligning Mission and Profits  (1.09 MB PDF)  eBook based on interviews with 45 business leaders whose companies strive to make the world a better place.

Taking Manufacturing Sustainability to the Next Level  (134 KB PDF)  Summarizes why most manufacturing companies act tactically (limiting their thinking to "lean production") rather than strategically when undertaking sustainability efforts. Provides ideas on how to take sustainability efforts to the next level.  Based on interviews with over 20 business sustainability leaders.

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