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Behavioral Profiles for Financial Advisors and their Clients

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As a Financial Advisor, you face a conundrum.  It's important for you to understand your Client's hopes and dreams, so that you can fashion an appropriate financial plan.  On the other hand, you have limited time with your Client to develop an open and trusting relationship. A behavioral profile of your Client can be the solution by sparking conversation, stimulating personal bonding, and providing immediate insights.

We designed a customized behavioral assessment and Client debriefing process for Financial Advisors.  The assessment is based on the research and products of TTI SI™, the best-in-class provider of DISC-based behavioral assessments for over 30 years.

  • The behavioral profile provides a vehicle for a fun yet informative 15-30 minute conversation with a new or existing Client.
  • The Advisor will learn the Client’s key behavioral characteristics, communication preferences, and speed of decision making.
  • The Client in turn will feel that the Advisor is making a special effort to understand them as a person.
  • The behavioral profile and discussion accelerate bonding between the Client and Advisor.
  • The result is better customer service, increased AUM, higher retention, and more referrals.

To see a SAMPLE of the 8 page Behavioral Profile for Financial Advisors, click here.

To receive your COMPLIMENTARY PERSONAL PROFILE, click here.  The online survey consists of 24 sets of words that describe behavior, and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.  Shortly after completion, you will receive your 8 page Behavioral Profile for Financial Advisors.