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Behavioral Profiles for Financial Advisors


Thank you for completing the questions for your Behavioral Profile.  You will shortly receive an email with your 8 page behavioral profile.  The report is similar to what you would receive when your Client completes the questionnaire.

In reviewing your report, consider what you would learn if you received the same report about your Client:

  • How important is a personal relationship to them?
  • Will it be easy to get to know them, or take more time and effort?
  • Will they make decisions quickly, or need more time?
  • How much detail will they be interested in seeing and absorbing?
  • What communications tips should you follow, and what should you avoid doing?

We understand that each Client is important to you, and that you cannot risk losing them.  We therefore provide personal training in how to use the reports and how to debrief your Client.  We provide a one year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To find out more, contact us to schedule a 30 minute call.  We will discuss the results of your Behavioral Profile and answer any questions that you might have.

Email us at profile@skiba-associates.com to schedule a call.