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Many mid-sized businesses and organizations feel that they are falling behind.  Their industry is changing and they are not keeping up. Sales of existing products and services are decreasing or stagnating.  Profit margins are eroding and profits are decreasing.  They've lost focus with too many products and services.

They are considering a new product/service/acquisition and need to know: Which opportunity is the best fit for our strengths and capabilities? How can we minimize the potential risk and expense of failure? How do we create a road map for moving forward?

We will:

-- Determine which new product or service to pursue for maximum profit and impact,

-- Analyze the opportunity and determine next steps,

-- Support you in implementing the opportunity,

-- Bring clarity by utilizing a variety of powerful tools and methodologies.

Business opportunity analysis and Planning

Is Your Business Being Left Behind?

A New Product or Service May Provide the Boost You Need

RTI had a dominant share of the Chicago market, and growth was starting to slow. Gary wanted to continue growing the business, and sell it for a higher price in a few years. He was considering various expansion options.


“Zbig has always impressed me with his disciplined and holistic approaches to business problems. The methods he uses cause people to think broadly about the situation, deeply about the underlying drivers, and creatively about alternate solutions."


Zbig has a unique combination of strategic and technical skills.  He has a Kellogg MBA in Entrepreneurship and Management Policy, and has worked as a business coach.  He also has a degree in Industrial Engineering, and has worked as an engineer and information systems analyst and programmer.


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