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  1. Analyze opportunities to determine whether they are a good fit

  2. Develop project plans and strategic plans that create a road map for success

  3. Provide implementation support, including project management

Strategic OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS and planning

  1. Unique combination of strategic and technical skills

  2. Sensitivity to the unique mindset and needs of mid-sized organizations

  3. Processes and tools geared towards quickly bringing clarity and results

We help mid-sized organizations to analyze, plan and implement strategic opportunities.

What makes us different

We specialize in working with companies and organizations that seek to make the world a better place, including purpose-driven and mission-driven firms, sustainable companies, B Corps, Benefit Corps, conscious capitalists, social enterprises, Rotarian-run companies, and non-profits.

Gary wanted to continue growing the business, and then to be able to transition out of it in a few years.  He realized that the business’ reliance on him would make it harder to leave, and was seeking to move into more of a leadership role.


“Zbig has always impressed me with his disciplined and holistic approaches to business problems. The methods he uses cause people to think broadly about the situation, deeply about the underlying drivers, and creatively about alternate solutions."


Zbig has a unique combination of strategic and technical skills.  He has a Kellogg MBA in Entrepreneurship and Management Policy, and has worked as a business coach.  He also has a degree in Industrial Engineering, and has worked as an engineer and information systems analyst and programmer.