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Skiba Associates helps the business owner to build a valuable business that is ready for transition -- whenever the owner is ready.

“Zbig has always impressed me with his disciplined and holistic approaches to business problems. The methods he uses cause people to think broadly about the situation, deeply about the underlying drivers, and creatively about alternate solutions."



Create a concise and actionable value enhancement plan appropriate to your needs.

Utilize a variety of powerful and tools and methodologies for fast implementation.

Regular status reviews and business coaching that keep plans on track and get results.

Identify opportunities to increase business value, improve profits, and enhance owners quality of life.





Zbig Skiba has been a business coach, peer group facilitator and management consultant for over 20 years.  He has worked with over 40 clients to enhance the value of their companies and their profits. Zbig has an MBA from Kellogg focused on entrepreneurship, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.


as a force

for good.

Gary wanted to continue growing the business, and then to be able to transition out of it in a few years.  He realized that the business’ reliance on him would make it harder to leave, and was seeking to move into more of a leadership role.


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